Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sherry and Oliver

So... I got married last December 2013. We had 5 months to plan the wedding and I must admit, sometimes I wish I had more time. However, thanks to the super organised venue, helpful tips and moral and financial :) support from family and friends, me and my husband Oliver had the best time of our life.

First question people asked was, "Are you making the dress?".  Well, I know this gorgeous, multi talented designer, who knows me, and flexible with time, of course I'm making my own wedding dress. With the help of my fairy godmother, Joan White. Can't do it without her, and I probably ended up with 3 unfinished gown a night before the wedding.

Having made hundreds of wedding dress, I keep falling in love with different silhouettes, lace, etc etc. So when it comes to my dress, I kept changing my mind, and the fear itself stopped me from starting the gown. I guess now I know why  some brides take so long in signing the contract. What if, what if??

Finally, 3 months before the wedding, I decided on a bodice, neckline and silhouette. One sided strap, sweetheart and A-Line. Classic, timeless and suit my short upper body. I keep changing my mind (again) on the lace, so in the end, I decided to use them all. Talk about luxury. The main material is Ivory Silk Dupion, Ivory Silk Tissue Organza and Silk White Bridal Tulle.

I know I wanted some sort of leafy peplums on the skirt, asymmetrical but subtle so it doesn't look too busy. I built the skirt in stages, adding more tulle and lace as I see fits. Lots and lots and lots of hand stitching. As it took shape, I fell in love with the gown, maybe that's why it's hard to stop adding. This is another time when I needed the keen eye of the mighty fairy godmother. Again, thanks Joan.

To finish the look, I added 3D flowers on the edge of the veil, to match this gorgeous hair piece made by Embellish-hats team. It's my take on the modern midsummer night's dream.

At the end of the day, I kicked my heels off and party all night long. The inside petticoat (with a hoop) was great. I was able to move a lot, without getting skirt tangled between my legs. And also, let the air in to cool off the summer air.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I might be a bit biased, choosing photos where I looked good :P
To see more of my handsome husband, and more photos, go to Welsch Photography page.

Hair and make up Uyen Nguyen
Hair accessories
Venue Gold Room, L'Aqua
Flowers Sydney Wedding Flowers
Photos by Karl and Bec from Welsch Photography
Earrings, gown and veil Sherry Bridal Couture

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