Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Katie and Daniel's One Fun Day

A designer's best reward is to see her creation looking 'hot to trot' on the Big Day.

Katie is one customer who had a 'Fun' theme for her wedding. Her gorgeous couture wedding gown was designed to make sure she can shimmy on the dance floor, while still looking elegant and ethereal for the church ceremony.

The gown has delicate Chantilly lace all over and ruched silky tulle overlay. We had to built the dress in such a way that even an experienced couturier scratched her head. Like engineering a megastructure building, the dress had to be handled with extra care but bit extreme precision. Hours and hours of hand rusching and hand finishing poured into it.

The mermaid shape really complement Katie's petite figure. It made her looked extra tall. So for all the petite ladies out there, do check out this shape, but be careful with where the lines started.

Katie's veil is to-die-for. It has tiny little beaded flowers and looked super cute for her pixie hair cut.

I have to say major thanks to Rebecca and Karl Welsch from Welschphotography, for capturing the precious moments of the day.

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