Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Julia & Thomas

This wedding is a special and personal one to me, because the bride is my dear sister. There are 4 girls in the family, and she's the first cab of the rank. Naturally, as a wedding gift, I made her wedding dress. Of course she was one of my best client, because she trusted me completely with the look, and I wanted to make her the prettiest bride ever (as I do with all my clients :D )

There's more to the dress then meets the eye. Simple graceful fishtail silhouette, oyster dupion silk underlay, ivory Italian lace, beaded detachable waistband and Julie's handmade brooch bouquet completed the look. 3 words, Stunning, Classic, Beautiful.

Julie had "Bright Colours" as her wedding theme, so when I  made the three sisters's (including me) frocks, I was inspired with precious stone colours, hot pink, dashing purple and turquoise with silver lace bonding all three looks.

It was a beautiful perfect day for everyone, and I wish my sister and our new brother in law, a very happy marriage.

xx Sherry

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